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    Passenger flow statistics solution

    Collect the number of passengers in real time to provide basis for optimization and personnel management.

    1. informations

    passenger flow industry status:

    The real-time collection of passenger flow information is a difficult problem for the industry,In terms of the most typical public transport passenger flow,the collection methods of public transport passenger flow information in major cities in China are mainly manual monitoring,such as stop type visual passenger flow survey,manual follow-up statistics.                                  


    solve the problem:

    1.Understand requirements through real-time data 2.Intelligent decision-making of public transport dispatching 3.Basis for applying for vehicle subsidy

    Passenger Flow Statistics Solution



    Using video human body recognition and tracking technology,real-time pattern recognition,motion tracking and algorithm analysis are carried out on the human body image taken from the top of the human body to screen the height,shape and direction of all moving objects,so as to accurately calculate the passenger in and out direction and number of people.


    real time data statistics:

    The passenger flow data of each vehicle is uploaded to the background,and the passenger flow statistics system management software makes statistics and analysis of the passenger flow data,and provides users with summary reports and analysis charts


    core technology:

    Support the development of any algorithm based on image recognition,such as multi class object recognition,object recognition in complex background,large-scale face recognition and attribute recognition,etc.

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    other applications:



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