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    Fingerprint smart card

    Fingerprint identification greatly enhances card security.

    1. informations


       This product is a card with fingerprint identification.The card contains fingerprint identification module and antenna.When the fingerprint card is close to the card reading device,the antenna supplies power to the electronic module,and the fingerprint card turns on the card function after fingerprint authentication.


       First of all,the fingerprint template needs to be collected in the designated place through the fingerprint image acquisition device,Most systems usually only need to acquire three to six peripheral images of fingerprint, because not the whole fingerprint image for storage,the identification device usually stores a code to determine their specific position on the finger.The device can also identify the hand finger's storage activity by scanning to ensure that it is not cut off for use.



    ■ no password,only user's fingerprint is required for authentication

    ■ easily complete payment,transfer and other financial businesses

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