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Wearable device encounters bottleneck

2020-04-21 13:50:54 Shanghai U-card Technology Co.,Ltd. Read


      As the demand for complex and differentiated use cases of wearable devices grows,so do their size and weight,which can cause discomfort for users who want to wear them every day.Based on the investigation of consumers' needs, behaviors and expectations for wearable devices,it is found that hardware design is one of the biggest obstacles in wearable devices.

  The results show:

  Wearable devices need to be comfortable and light,but this conflicts with longer battery life and more unique application concept; a small device has very limited carrying capacity.

  Even smart earplugs and earphones (earphones) that provide unique audio operation functions will be limited because they need to rely on smart phones for short battery life.Ear wear equipment is too small to be truly independent.

  The emergence of wearable devices indicates that the size and design of wearable devices will no longer be an obstacle in the future;wearable devices can transmit content to users rather than handle it locally,which reduces the need for heavy internal components.

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