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Cars also have ID cards now

2020-04-20 13:42:40 Shanghai U-card Technology Co.,Ltd. Read


Advantages of RFID

   On the eve of the 13th Tianjin National Games,all service vehicles for the Games were equipped with RFID.The traffic management department has set up reading equipment along the road for service vehicles of the National Games in advance.When the service vehicles with RFID pass by and the equipment can read the vehicle signal,the traffic police and corresponding management system responsible for traffic security will also receive the corresponding signal,The "traffic information guidance system" automatically adjusts the traffic signal timing of the intersection in front of the vehicle to ensure the priority of traffic, and the access control system opens a green channel for the service vehicle, while minimizing the impact of these tasks on the normal driving of social vehicles.

Effectively prevent the vehicle from being cloned

   The wide application of automobile RFID can effectively prevent the troubles caused by cloning for taxis and private cars.After the identification equipment is generally installed in the electronic police equipment,it can compare the electronic identification record information of passing vehicles with the vehicle number plate.If the system finds any abnormality, it will automatically alarm, and then the traffic police can carry out the investigation and control, quickly and accurately investigate and deal with illegal vehicles, so as to effectively reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of car rental, private car cloning and other problems.

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