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Sewage pollutant capture sensor system

2020-04-20 13:19:54 Shanghai U-card Technology Co.,Ltd. Read


The core of the device is three rings,Each ring is equipped with sensors,batteries,energy management system,control and communication system and micropump sampling system.

Put the first ring in the sewer pipe,upstream of the outlet of the suspect enterprise sewer.The second ring is directly downstream of the discharge, while the third ring is slightly further downstream.

The first two loops communicate with each other wirelessly by using physical sensors that analyze water parameters, such as temperature, pH and conductivity, and basically compare the parameters. If the parameters change significantly after the water flows through the outlet, the second ring sends a signal to "wake up" the third ring.

The ring also uses chemical sensors to further analyze water and check the presence of specific pollutants.If any of these substances are detected,the authorities will be reminded that in addition,the contaminated water samples they keep can be used as evidence for court hearings.On the other hand,if no contamination is detected,the ring will automatically dispense cleaning solution,flush chemical sensors and prepare them for the next time.

The technology has been successfully tested in the laboratory and a certain length of sewage pipeline. Now researchers plan to test actual municipal sewers in five European cities.

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