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patrol robot for EHV power line

2020-04-17 15:45:14 Shanghai U-card Technology Co.,Ltd. Read


      With the rapid development of smart grid in China,the online monitoring of power equipment operation status and external environment is realized,It is an important part of China's smart grid development to improve the early warning ability and informatization level.

The traditional mode of power operation and management can not meet the needs of the rapid development of smart grid,It has become the development trend of China's smart grid to integrate robot technology with power technology, and realize the comprehensive unmanned operation and maintenance detection of power transmission link,power transformation link and power distribution link through power inspection robot.

In Urumqi substation, the intelligent inspection robot shuttles through the 220kV substation, taking photos of all electrical equipment with HD camera, and detecting the temperature, oil level and operation of all equipment at the same time, which improves the accuracy of inspection and effectively eliminates faults.

The inspection work of substation has the characteristics of "many, miscellaneous and difficult",the traditional manual inspection method has many disadvantages,such as high labor intensity,low efficiency,scattered inspection quality,single means,etc.,and the data of manual inspection can not access the management information system accurately and timely.With the promotion of unattended mode,the inspection work is more and more heavy,and the inspection in place rate and timeliness cannot be guaranteed.And inn severe weather such as strong wind,fog,ice and snow,hail,thunderstorm,etc.,inspection can not be carried out in time.Therefore, the traditional way of substation inspection needs a new "successor".

Patrol robot integrates infrared thermal imager,visible light camera,high sensitivity pickup and other sensors,It can take pictures or read the instruments of substation equipment,automatically record and alarm the abnormal conditions,accurately distinguish the abnormal sound of equipment from the noise,take the whole inspection situation of equipment,and send it to the background in real time.

In just a few years,smart grid "blooms everywhere" in China.Among them, as a key part of smart grid construction,intelligent patrol inspection also ushered in the opportunity of development and quickly popularized in substations all over the country.

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