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Nike's new NFC Jersey includes chips

2020-04-17 15:56:52 Shanghai U-card Technology Co.,Ltd. Read


How to use NFC function

      This jersey is no longer a pure garment,the biggest highlight is not the style,material and color, but the NFC chip,it is inside the Nike connect tab at the bottom left of the Jersey.NFC is not far away from us.More and more people use NFC function of mobile phone to swipe bus card and pay,etc.,but this combination of Jersey and NFC is the first time.

   This NFC function is also very convenient to use.As long as you download the Nike connect app and log in with your nikeplus account,and then touch the Nike connect tag of the jersey with your smartphone,you can see all kinds of information about the corresponding team of the Jersey in real time.You can not only see your favorite team and player data in real time, the highlights of the game, but also listen to your favorite star's personal song list before the game. All content is personalized.

   In addition,you can see the daily situation of the season through the mobile app.Including all kinds of products on the shelf,touching NFC chip labels on the jerseys with mobile phones on the game day,unlocking NBA 2k18 games, obtaining discounts such as early purchase of game tickets and new Nike shoes.It's like a super key you carry with you.

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