Shanghai U-card  Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai U-card  Technology Co.,Ltd.


  • Shanghai Tourist Card

    In the context of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, relevant government departments in Shanghai have promoted a brand new tourist card. The card not only contains all the functions

  • Second Generation ID Card

    We have passed the joint examination of the ministry of public security and the ministry of information industry,and have been recognized as the designated manufacturer of the second generation ID card

  • Road Transport Card

    Specially commissioned by the Ministry of communications of the people's Republic of China, it is specially customized according to many personalized requir

  • Voter Card for African Countries

    As the most populous country in Africa, it is also the largest economy in Africa at present.In order to prevent the occurrence of fraud in the election,the fair and credibility of the trust should be demonstrated.

  • Shanghai World Expo

    During the Shanghai World Expo,we helped the ticket Department of the World Expo to provide more than 700000 tickets in total,and delivered them to the ticket d

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